Sunday, June 28, 2009

Jacko Fever

I'm amazed at the Internet traffic surrounding Jacko's death. I find the reaction to his death far more fascinating than the death itself (which is usually the case with a mega-celebrity). It is interesting to measure the tolerance (even demand) for eccentricity when it is applied relative to fame. I mean, how many co-workers do you know whose nose has been steadily disappearing, with a complexion that has gone from dark to light to translucent and who has taken to wearing one glove and a series of outfits not seen outside the cover of Sgt. Pepper? Oh, and whose family photos on their desk consist of unrelated children and circus animals?

"Hi, Mike - how was your weekend? How are Bubbles and 'the kids'? I see you must have spent some time in the Hyperbaric Chamber, eh? Beats a tanning salon all to hell, I bet - you'll be ready for the beach in no time - where are you vacationing this summer? Neptune, you say?"

As for his musical influence and talent, I personally thought that he hit his peak with 'Ben' back in '72. (I mean, how do you top a love song to a Rat?)