Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sarah in the Sky with Rougeness

Our lady of the midnight spotlight on Russia has already finished her memoirs!  Four hundred pages written faster than she can read.  Going Rogue: An American Life (actual title!) will be on the book shelves in mid-November and I'll be among the first in line to snatch up a copy.

Perhaps she should have coordinated the release with one by Richard "Rogue Warrier" Marcinko for some good old fashion synergy (he didn't know when to quit, she didn't know when not to; they have so much in common besides being all rogue).  I smell the 2012 Republican dream ticket cooking here (I'll leave it to The Architect to work out the details; however, Karl, credit where credit's due, eh?).

If her tweets are any indication of the content - perhaps they *are* the content - this book'll be a page-turner unlike anything since William Burroughs was perfecting the art of the "cut-up" style in the early 1960s.  Perhaps she can convince Shatner to do the reading for the audio book (he's already adept at the interpretation of her work, after all).

Shatner Recites Palin Farewell Speech:

Shatner Recites Palin Tweets:

It was perhaps poetic that the real life inspiration for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds died today.  A sign to our Star Spangled Lady of the Great White Northern Hope to look to Shatner as Her One True Voice. Her Metatron, the wings to lift her linguistic flights of scribbled down maverickosity (maverickness? gooseness? icemanesque?) so all can behold.

After all, Shatner's reading of Lucy stands as the definitive version of the song, far surpassing the pedestrian effort Lennon and the boys put forward on Sgt. Pepper.  And I really mean this.  With Lennon and the mop tops, you felt they were always at least half kidding with the psychedelic window dressing. Shatner was stone serious, though; his rendition dug down into your spine.  You felt as though you had been dosed with three sheets of the best blotter acid just listening to the guy.

"Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes and she's Gooooooonnnnneeeeeee!!!!"

Food for thought, Sista Sarah ...