Friday, November 6, 2009

My head's been filled with Mr. Yuk

Whatever happened to Mr. Yuk?  I recall him clearly from my childhood and he's apparently still out and about, but keeping a mighty low profile since his glory days in the early 70's.   Not sure why: there's far more poisons to strike fear into the hearts of parents today (or at least we recognize more of them as such now).

I hadn't had a conscious thought of the poster boy for the dangers of poison since his hey day until earlier this week when I inexplicably dropped his name in a discussion on new process adoption ("old way, bad like Mr. Yuk; new way, good like Mr. Pibb").  Never mind that Mr. Pibb doesn't conger up visions of wonderful, I don't have an explanation of why Mr. Yuk slipped from my lips.

Ahh, is there nothing better than 70's TV Commercials?  They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

Though I must admit I'm quite fond of the Halls Refresh Commercial making the rounds, if only for its high octane creep factor taken to a degree I'm sure its makers did not intend.  Or maybe they did.  Either way, it has an effect.  It's certainly nowhere near as creepy as those horrid Charles Schwab commercials (I blame them for the collapse of the financial industry).

This post is obviously going nowhere - at least I'm consistent in that regard.  When I was churning this garbage out daily, it didn't matter as much; however, seeing as though I'm only getting around to it on the weekends, I outta try a bit harder.  I just don't have the energy.

I'm enjoying the umpteenth viewing of Unforgiven, one of my very favorite flicks.  I never liked most of Eastwood's 70's and 80's Dirty Harry-centric action flicks (though they were sort of entertaining in a 'B' movie, guilty pleasure kind of way).  His spaghetti western stuff was classic, though not my cup of tea (and his follow-on cowboy movies through the 70's followed suit, albeit without Leone's style or the cheesy dubbing).  I love the work he's done over the last twenty years, though.  Both in front of but especially behind the camera.

Unforgiven is my top pick of Eastwood's fine 90's/00's litter (fighting neck and neck with Million Dollar Baby and Mystic River).  I'm not a big Western aficionado but Unforgiven turns the genre on its head, mocking all the stereotypes with a jaundiced eye biting on a raw nerve.  And the music's perfect. If you ever shied away because you don't dig Westerns and/or disliked Eastwood's earlier work, do yourself a favor and give it a go.

But now it's over and that means Bedtime for Bonzo, drifting off to a re-run of Kill Bill, Vol. 1 (my favorite of the Bill flicks, though most who like them at all seem to opt for Vol 2).  Not Tarantino's best in my view but entertaining, funny and great tunes all the same.  A glorious mess.  Volume 3 was recently announced for release around 2014.  That's certainly planning ahead (or maybe wishful thinking).

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  I won't have to go to work, so that already makes it a step up from every day of the past three weeks.  But I probably shouldn't jump the gun on that (I think I thought the same thing each of the past two Friday nights).

And finally ... I'm looking forward to the season finale of Mad Men on Sunday, as well as the final episode of the "Seinfeld" story arc on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

After all, I dare to dream big.