Monday, July 13, 2009

Judge not lest ye be Judged? Ha! Here come tha Judge! Here come tha Judge!

Boy the Peacocks were struttin' their stuff in the Senate Cambers today, technicolor plumage at full staff. An entire day essentially wasted - the nominee not asked a single question - in other words, a normal first day of the Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing.

Filled to the brim with rich, delicious exhibitionism from Senator Foghorn, Senator Leghorn, the Gentleman from the Great Expanding State of Gasbag Blowhard, and the Lady from the Show-off State of Ego Unbounded. And this with Joe Biden safely tucked away now in the Executive Branch. We miss you in the Legislative Branch, Joe, but I only have so much space on my DVR hard drive and have to work during the day. (I say this with all love for our VP - I voted for him and love his unchecked honesty, if not his unchecked verbosity.)

Lindsey Graham, whose opinions I usually agree with about as frequently as I did with George Bush (which is to say, 'never'), actually got it about right today:
'... this is mostly about liberal and conservative politics more than it is about anything else'

Despite all that, I think today was the highlight. I think these things are more enjoyable when it's a Republican nominee in the hot seat: the Dems are much more entertainingly comical than their GOP counterparts when they're being indignant.

The Elephants are usually only more amusing off-duty when they're toe-tapping in mid-western airport men's rooms or hiking the Appalachian trail with Evita ('Don't Cry for me South Carolina'). There are always exceptions, but usually that happens when the off-duty buffoonery can't contain itself there (The Queen of Hip waders, for instance). In general, though, the Right are pretty consistently dull in their idiocy.

I'm a bleeding heart commie pinko liberal but even from my vantage point teetering as I am out on the left wing, I can see that the super villains are never nearly as buffoonish as the good guys are. The Joker, who is a clown for crying out loud, is the least comical character in the 'Dark Knight'. Remember: Obama's cool and relatively gaff-free maneuvering is an aberration and generally not the rule.

I don't wanna work, I just wanna bang on the drum all day ...

Interesting new study on swearing and lessening of pain - doubtlessly true to a degree, though not nearly so much as I wish. It's certainly not a substitute for a steady diet of drugs, alcohol, television, and general waling and gnashing of teeth. These days I stick to guttural sobbing, caffeine and television (Nancy Botwin - see ya tonight! Betty Drapper, see ya soon!)

Speaking of high pitched obnoxious noises, apparently our corporate landlord installed a jet engine up in the air conditioning vent of my office over the weekend and left it running. Takes me back to my Navy days sleeping in the top rack just below the aft flight deck and attempting to ignore the F-14s when they began firing their afterburners, powerless to silence them (I couldn't just throw on a robe, walk up the outboard ladder, knock on the door of the cockpit and ask them to please keep it down and apparently am now just as powerless to stop the madness here in my corporate ship).

But I digress once again.

And actually, now that I think about it, this current noise is more reminiscent of a dentist's drill.

Where the fuck is the maintenance guy I called two hours ago?!? The written expletive does not dull the pain of little nails being hammered into my skull from on high - guess it has to be verbal and the study amended.

Thank God for headphones and for Sirius Internet (especially when the iPod's left at home). Hello, First Wave and Faction (I do miss the Punk Channel ...)