Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well, the little guy was kinda funny-lookin'

Typical ADD evening ...
I'm flipping incessantly between highlights of the British Open and Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings, along with Sling Blade on Showtime and Fargo on IFC. Meanwhile also answering emails, finishing up a presentation, and perusing the various blogs and feeds I follow. I think Billy Bob just threatened Lindsey Graham with a Kaiser Blade (some people call it a Sling Blade, I call it a Kaiser Blade). And was that John Daly feeding Al Franken to a wood chipper? Anything's possible with that guy but either Franken's playing hooky in Scotland or Daly's on a bender in DC. You betcha.

I see in the news that Starbucks is renaming one of its coffee shops in my hometown (Starbucks' hometown too). Naming it after its address and adding booze to the menu are two very different business decisions. I always thought Starbucks ignored a massive market in the bar and club crowd. Sure you help them to survive the next day (along with Visine - that they never bundled the two together is another lost opportunity), but why not help keep the party going with Tall Skim Bailey Lattes and Grande Mocha Absolut Frappuccinos right there in the gin joint? Changing the name from Starbucks to 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea sort of dilutes the brand, though. If you ask me. Which they apparently didn't.

In this midst of pondering all this, a piece of spam sneaks past my filters that is just "off" enough in the grammar of the come-on that I have to share:

Jennifer Kendrick
Subject: Your life sucks; use our 26% of all our products

Need a bursting passion the whole weekend and bring
wonderful pleasure to her. Take half a pill under your tongue and get ready for action! Your couch will hear a lot more hot moans, if this blue pack will be in your pocket!

Well, Jennifer's got me pegged, for sure. Sign me up. Except that my couch is busted. The back broke off, its subtle way of telling me to put it out of its 11 year misery and buy a new one. Instead, in typical proactive (or pro-something) fashion, I moved over to the recliner.