Sunday, November 15, 2009

Look what the Bug Dragged In

Creeping Jesus, I'm sick.  I spent most of the day attempting to get out of bed and the last few hours trying to eat the same little dish of Jello (unsuccessfully).  I've finally gotten to the point where I can concentrate enough to both sit up without tossing my cookies while at the same time typing legible sentences (well, as legible as they usually are anyway).  I should take this magic act on the road (were it not for the fact that when I attempt to stand erect, said cookies are tossed like salad).   Not sure why I'm updating this infernal albatross of a blog.  It's like a nervous tick. I guess it keeps my mind off the nausea and fever.

I missed a friend's wedding today thanks to this bug.  Shit.  After I went to the effort last month to buy a new suit for the occasion. (When I got the invitation, I went hunting for my then-"current" garb and discovered that it must had passed on to its great reward earlier in the year, the victim of a terminal case of mildew.)  

Oh, well.  I'm set for the next wedding and/or funeral that might head my way.  In the end, it was probably for the best I didn't try and drag myself to the nuptials (besides getting the congregation sick, I don't imagine Mike or Greta would have appreciated one of their guests heaving on the wedding cake; would make a great story a few years down the road but might put a damper on the day viewed in present tense).

I notice when I'm sick that my unfortunate tendency to use parentheses in sentences is accentuated.  I'm not sure how I became aware of that (or if it's even true ... he says safely tucked within parens). 

Time to go lay back down, the light's starting to get too bright and I really can't concentrate on attempting to make this post at all humorous or otherwise interesting ... Like as not I'll be tossing this - or perhaps simply slap a warning sticker screaming "Caution: written for author's therapeutic purposes only.  Dense concentration of whining." 

Here's to feeling better tomorrow, cause I can't imagine feeling worse.