Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Johnny and Momar go to (Englewood's) White Castle

Everyone's favorite terrorizin' Gadfly is winging into town next month to introduce his fall fashion line. I also wouldn't count out a stylish collaboration or two taking place between Momar and Vogue's Prada wearing devil while he's here. Maybe I smell a cover? After all, he's already made Vanity Fair this month. He's clearly the Gold Standard of modern batshit insane urbane clotheshorse dictators.

Oh, yeah - and maybe he'll swing by the UN too, if he has time.

Apparently Libya owns an estate in Englewood, NJ. They've had it for years but it was seemingly unused and in increasingly dilapidated condition until a couple of months ago when the Pimp My Ambassador's Residence crew descended upon it. Now the Darnah Dandy says he wants to camp out there during his upcoming trip to nearby Manhattan, much to the chagrin of the local authorities.

Folks are concerned the town's large Jewish population might take offense at Sgt. Pepper and his Radical Islamic Hard Liner Hearts Club Band rolling into town. Come on, guys! He really didn't mean that crack about running all the Jews of the world into the sea! He was joshin' - he's such a card - the Dice Man & Don Rickles of the Middle East. Just ask his newest Pal, Johnny-B-Good McCain. Johnny, run on over to the Garden State and stand up for yer buddy.

Momar, baby - ya don't want to rock and roll in the sticks anyway - one of Trump's joints in the city is more your style! Maybe a Trump Soho Hotel Condo? That'll put ya in the thick of the action - close to the fashion district and the trendy artist community you so love but just a cab ride away from the mid-town or upper east side scene. Your personal bodygals will be bored silly in Englewood when Park Avenue beckons!

I wonder if J. Mac will offer his services as tour guide while the Libyan Lothario is in town? I know the Big Apple isn't exactly Johnny's turf, but it's only fair given the magical time he had recently at Momar's "Mustang" Ranch. Grampa Munster raved about it on Twitter and Facebook, sounding just a bit like a school girl with a crush. Must have been a mighty "interesting" time indeed. Do ya think they got juiced up on Benghazi Bourbon and started harmonizing to "Bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran" together? Probably not, Momar doesn't drink (he's high on life).

Still, booze or no, you thought the SNL Czech Brothers were wild and crazy? Get Momar and Johnny together and they make those two look like the Bobbsey Twins. Look out, Scores! Daddy needs a new group of female bodyguards ...