Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pay Now or Palin

The man that truly defined both Mr. Tambourine Man and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds in the sixties (Dylan/Byrds, who? Lennon, what?), Mr. T.J. Kirk himself Bill Shatner, raised the bar with a beatnik style reading of Sarah Palin's recent Farewell Speech. Palin was obviously channeling Allen Ginsberg's the Howl for her inspiration and Shatner does her proud. The girl with kaleidoscope eyes, indeed.

I can't wait to see what she's up to next! In an entertaining but not a good way!

Seriously, if we let her within 500 yards of either the White House or Capital Hill (and I mean even on a public tour), we will have really jumped the national shark and it'll be time to go live life under a more reasonable leader ... Like Lil' Kim Jong-Il (with my luck, they'll band together: Jong-Il - Palin 2012 bumper stickers are surely being printed as I write this). Or maybe Ted Nugent. Nugent-Palin, bringing Wolf hunting back to the mainstream where it belongs.

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  1. I saw the episode "Human Electric" and had to resist the urge to jump through the screen to slap these morons in the face. The guy in the episode is using *low current* and *high frequency* electricity through his body, when they are saying he is touching "mains" which is *lower voltage* and *high current* at *low frequency*. High frequency electricity travels through the surface of a conductor instead of through the center, it's called the skin effect. These so called "scientists" should know this, and it was painful watching them puzzle over how this guy is able to do things I was doing as a kid experimenting with high voltage transformers from TV sets. The guy isn't a freak of nature, he is 100% normal. Everyone is capable of doing the exact same things this guy is, of course with the risk of nerve damage.

    It pains me to see so called "scientists" and "electricians" be dumb founded by something so well known, not to mention some of these people are TV repair men and should know that LOPT Transformers found in TV sets are low current high frequency devices. And it pains me even more that the Science Channel would air this junk. I'm in shock. No pun intended.