Friday, August 21, 2009

Maybe he's waiting for the annual Joe Jackson Halloween Party ...

No grave anytime soon for The Gloved One.

Apparently Joe still has a need for junior's corpse topside, perhaps as a silent greeter propped up out front of the end-of-summer blowout sale at Joe Jackson's Used Furniture & Stolen Childhood Emporium?

What's that odor? Nothing a few squirts of the new Lysol Alive-n-Kickin' Scented Embalming Deodorizer won't fix.

And of course, Joe was fortunate in that Michael had the foresight to start the embalming process early, back in 1982 or there about. So he was well prepped.

In fact, I imagine Michael looks more lifelike now than he did in life. Just like he did in the Thriller Video 25 years ago. Or at least like some of his more ghoulish co-stars.

It's funny how life sometimes imitates art.

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