Tuesday, August 18, 2009

'Sara, Sara, Whatever made you want to change your mind? Sara, Sara, So easy to look at, so hard to define.' - B. Zimmerman, 1975

She's got a heart as big as the Yukon and an intercontinental ballistic vision.

Now our Star Spangled Wolf Huntress has the tribute she so richly deserves.

R. Kelly provides the soundtrack in what can only be described as a match made in heaven: she's got that beautiful red, blue and white Alaskan snow and he sprays it all with a golden hue.

I mean it - these two have what they call good old fashioned synergy:

She's got Frontier Ice wolfing down her veins

And star spangled skirts with placenta stains
Givin' testament to her Nation Bearing Caring Hips ... la la la la
He's got a fiery inner city "you're in" groove
With a mug full of shots for his every move
Drawing in those Prepubescent Lips ... la la la la

She's got th
at "don't need no reedin, reyetin, rithmahhtic" English lit.
And punchdrunk wit ... la la la

He's got that statutory snatchatory
Mighty smooth and relieved on it
... la la la

I think The Gawker says it much better than I could, but I wanted to be sure all could enjoy.

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