Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dino Deity

I think I'll hang up my blogging cleats for a few days as I buckle down to other things this week.  But before I do, I wanted to circle back on something I only hinted at Saturday: Jesus and his Dinosaurs, as depicted in the Beginner's Biblical Coloring Book.

I came across this gem while googling for angry Jesus images. Why look for a pissed off savior? Well, when I posted about my adventures at the pharmacy Saturday, I needed a couple of pictures to illustrate to you the essence of the Jesus-like soul behind me in line.  My pharma Buddy Christ got pretty agitated at one point, thus I was looking for a picture to visualize his wrath.

The picture to the right was apparently part of an actual religious coloring book and it makes me laugh like nothing I've seen in a long while.

It got me to thinking about other Deity / Dinosaur imagery; well, lo and behold, there are plenty of them out there.  None, though, have the chuckle factor of our lord strapped to the saddle of a T-Rex.  He's not nearly as interesting astride a herbivore.

In the money shot up top, he looks to me like a kind of Nazarene Lone Ranger. A cloud of dust and a mighty hi-ho Silver away! If Silver were an angry Tyrannosaurus.

Or perhaps a biblical variant on the Land of the Lost?  The Land of the LordThe Lord of the Lost? Replace Rick Marshall, Will and Holly with Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  Ya got "Grumpy" the T-Rex up there in my fav pic and are only missing a few Sleestaks to round things out.

I'm sure that I'll end up roasting in a hell I don't even believe exists as punishment for this blasphemy.  I tend to follow George Costanza's adage that although I don't believe in God (at least not in his traditional biblical incarnation), I nevertheless believe he'll punish me if anything good happens in my life.  Or if I make fun of his kid.  Really, though, I'm only making fun of the sort of folk who would create such a coloring book (unless they meant it as a joke, in which case it wouldn't be as funny).  And I'm not really making fun of them, just of a more naive time (a time that lives on in more than a few minds out there).   It's a gentle fun, so perhaps I'll only be sentenced to purgatory.

If I should be punished for anything, it's for incessantly updating posts I should leave well enough alone.  Like this one.

And besides, I just can't help myself.  This kind of thing just tickles me no end.  And apparently you can get the picture at the top of this post on a T-Shirt! I already ordered mine.  There are several others to choose from as well (I really like the Jurassic Lord - that's it on the left!)

Get them while supplies last!

And may the Lord have mercy on my funny bone.


  1. Isn't there some kind of creationist museum in Kansas that depicts humans living with dinosaurs and using them as sheep and horses? I believe Bill Maher featured them in his documentary, Religulous.

  2. I don't doubt it. I never got the chance to catch Religulous in theaters but will pick up the DVD. I wish the catholic school I was subjected to for a brief period had been as 'progressive' - I would have loved to have played a Raptor in the Christmas pageant.

  3. I used to love Land of the Lost. What a ridiculously fabulous show.

  4. It's the best show ever! :-) The movie Will Ferrell did this year was unfortunate. The whole reason the original show was great was that it took itself so seriously. Many don't realize this but Will actually had a connection with the show prior to the flick. Kevin Smith is a big Land of the Lost fan and in his movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Will Ferrell's character was a federal wildlife marshal. His name? Marshal Willenholly.