Thursday, December 10, 2009


I just had to comment briefly on a strange chat William Shatner had back in August with Rush Limbaugh, to air on the biography channel this Saturday. Shatner, I'm sure you all know, is a master thespian, free love musician and acclaimed beat poet. But you might not be aware that he also hosts his own talk show on basic cable. It's called "Raw Nerve" and often lives up to that title (though perhaps "Weird Non-Sequitur" would be more apt). If you can't wait until Saturday, I've included it below.

As I've recounted in these pages, Shatner recently interpreted Sarah Palin's Twitter Tweets, enhancing her words with a crazy beatnik beat. He also gave equal treatment to Levi Johnson's twitter verbage. Yah, daddy-o. It was, like, way out. Much like his music. But taking on the Rush is something else again, sort of My Dinner with Andre with a healthy side of psilocybin mushrooms. Rush all strung out on Oxy-fueled Ego and Shatner all strung out on - well, Shatner. (I trip just watching him so I can only imagine what it's like being him, his heart pumping lysergic acid through his bloodstream 24/7.)

The actual content of the Shatner/Limbaugh summit is almost beside the point. It's the idea of these two yakking - the concept of it all - that's most interesting.

Anyway, children, put on Jefferson Airplane's Surrealistic Pillow - or Shatner's own Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - dim the lights, plug in the lava lamps and groove ...


  1. Loved your latest post. I am a huge Star Trek TOS fan but Shatner has to be one of the oddest birds ever. I was aware of the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds thing but not of his talking with Limbaugh. Good finds with those videos

  2. thanks. I find Shatner ever more fascinating as the years go by and he continues to devolve. Personally, I was ever a fan of TOS (I was more a TNG guy) but was always appreciative of his work, from his Twilight Zone appearances on through to his Palin rap. Never did catch Boston Legal but really need to catch up (he and puffed up 80's icon Spader has to make for interesting TV).